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"Our pride in our adult children means a lot to them, quite often more than the admiration and praise of others. Don't take part of the credit for their triumphs (unless they give it to you) because it does not help them, but don't sidestep from your part in any of their setbacks either." - Philippa Perry
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Threats to Western Civilization (3.8.2005)
IRA Offers to Kill Some of Its Own Members
IRA says they were responsible for the murder of Robert McCartney in a pub brawl. Police haven't charged anyone yet.

Threats to Western Civilization (3.8.2005)
Russian Forces Assassinate Chechen Rebel Leader
Despite his protests to the contrary, Aslan Maskhadov was suspected of backing attacks like the Beslan school massacre

Computers and the Internet (3.8.2005)
How Firefox Is Forcing Early Birth of IE7
Microsoft continues to force obsolescense of anything from pre-XP days

The American Way (3.8.2005)
The Difference Between Friendly Competition and Unfriendly Competition is Pride in One's Work

Business and Finance (3.8.2005)
Sen. Harkin Proposes Huge Leap in Minimum Wage

Weather and Disasters (3.8.2005)
Rail Tanker Full of Acid Spills in Salt Lake City
An accident that sounds a lot like a terrorism scenario. 6,000 people were evacuated as the tanker car released a plume of gases, since authorities couldn't figure out what was inside.

The United States of America (3.8.2005)
Unexpected: Newsweek Says President Bush "Has Been Right On Some Big Questions"
Points to the protests and toppling of the pro-Syrian government in Lebanon as a signal that democratic freedoms are on their way to changing the Middle East
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