Gongol.com Archives: March 2005
Brian Gongol

News (3.15.2005)
Second Anniversary of War in Iraq Approaching
US General George Casey: "We're actually a little further along than I thought we would be at this point."

We All Need a Little Humor (3.15.2005)
Guinness: It's Low-Cal
No, really. It is. Of course, anyone who would care doesn't drink it, and anyone who drinks it doesn't care.

News (3.15.2005)
Vatican Dispatches Cardinal to Debunk "Da Vinci Code"

The American Way (3.15.2005)
Lebanon Protest Even Bigger Than Imagined
BBC says a million people may have taken part. There are only 3.7 million people in the entire country. That means a quarter of the entire country showed up in one place to protest for freedom.