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"But a right to pursue happiness? How in the world can government guarantee that? The answer lies in the fact that the government's role was actually limited. There was no guarantee to happiness -- only a promise to provide conditions of freedom and liberty that allowed citizens to pursue their goals. That has meant that happiness is pursued through individual initiative and free association with others." - Condoleezza Rice
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Gongol.com Archives: April 2005
Brian Gongol

Threats to Western Civilization (4.28.2005)
Wiesenthal Center Says North Korea Using Gas Chambers on Citizens

Computers and the Internet (4.28.2005)
Security Firm: "Abandon Ship" Over Flaw in Netscape Browser
Only solution listed: "Use another product." Meanwhile, Internet Explorer keeps losing market share.

Business and Finance (4.28.2005)
Future of Newspapers: Lots More Tabloids
Design consultant says "I mentioned at the time [1999] that by the year 2020, most newspapers would be converted to smaller formats. If that seminar were held today, I would place the date much sooner."

Broadcasting (4.28.2005)
M5 Industries
Home of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel

We All Need a Little Humor (4.28.2005)
Hollywood Continues to Creep Us Out
Tom Cruise (42) dating Katie Holmes (26). Normal people call that "robbing the cradle". Must be all the rage these days because of that Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore thing.
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