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"Anything that can cause us to hand over our time inevitably shapes who we are." - Ben Sasse
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Brian Gongol

The United States of America (4.29.2005)
Easy Border Policy Means Immigrants Sometimes Move Home
Easily and widely forgotten that the harder it is to enter or leave a country, the less likely it is a migrant will eventually return home. More-open borders are usually good for everyone involved. Ironically, the people who so often dislike the immigrants themselves usually advocate policies (like tigher borders) that in fact tend to make immigrants stick around longer than they may have otherwise planned.

Iowa (4.29.2005)
USDA to Track Manure Application and Consequences for Farmland
It's one of the few ways we have to recycle or dispose of manure, but it may also be toxic in the long run

Water News (4.29.2005)
The Quest for Salt-Tolerant Plants
Related: The quest for better erosion control.

Business and Finance (4.29.2005)
Germany Expecting Dismal Growth Rate
1% or less. They're blaming the European Central Bank. Rigid monetary policy isn't usually good for a vibrant economy. That's why the original multi-district Federal Reserve system made plenty of sense. In fact, the US economy might arguably be better off with a dozen different regional currencies that could be independently tightened and loosened, rather than our present and less-flexible system. But in Germany's case, the blame doesn't belong exclusively to the central bank; they ought to consider the impact of systemic high labor costs that make German labor uncompetitive and suck investment cash away from capital.

News (4.29.2005)
Idiot Child Stabs Classmates with Mother's Leftover Needles
Gets worse: One of the kids was HIV-positive.

Threats to Western Civilization (4.29.2005)
Unconfirmed Report Says Bin Laden Dead
No one seems to have a confirmation

The United States of America (4.29.2005)
Why Men Love Baseball
The players and coaches are as immature as we wish we could be

News (4.29.2005)
Blair Appears Confident of Re-Election; Anoints Anticipated Successor
The campaign is going badly for the Conservatives, whose luminary Margaret Thatcher has left the country. Too bad, since the world needs more Margaret Thatchers. They're promising to keep the pound and oppose the EU, but it's apparent even from the approach taken on their website that the UK Conservative Party just doesn't have the campaign together.
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