Carnival of the Capitalists: November 21, 2005
Brian Gongol

Carnival of the Capitalists

Welcome to the November 21, 2005 edition of the Carnival of the Capitalists. Please note the following: random order | alphabetical order | categorical order

Site Post Category Summary Editor's Choice
2 Worth The Economics of Being Poor Economics The scale of poverty is relative -- and the wealthy of the world need to get working on ending poverty
BusinessPundit Miracles and Shoddy Thinking in Business Economics Avoiding the "then a miracle occurs" fallacy
Catallarchy Greedy on the Way Up, Greedy on the Way Down Economics Gas prices are falling in part because the oil companies are greedy
Econbrowser Oil Grilling Economics A four-part take-home exam question about the economics of oil prices under the Bush Administration
Financial Options What to Watch for Thanksgiving Week 2005 Economics A preview of the week's financial news, including the release of leading economic indicators
Political Calculations Jobs for the Undegreed Economics A dynamic table illustrating the best prospects for workers who don't have college degrees Editor's Choice
Soccer Dad Like the First Robin of Spring Economics Gas prices back to $2.00 a gallon? Surely Congress does not approve.
Terry The Kyoto Protocol FAQ (Poole Remix) Economics A comprehensive overview of the economic and political challenges of the Kyoto Protocol
The Big Picture Impossible Returns? Hardly. Economics How a hedge fund is wagering billions that the random-walk theory is dead wrong
The Common Room An Impromptu Essay Economics Four reasons free markets trump government intervention
The Prudent Investor M3 - Deafening Silence in the MSM and the Federal Reserve Economics Is the Fed's plan to discontinue publication of the M3 money supply a conspiracy?
View From a Height 1925 This Ain't Economics A detailed response to concerns about the Fed and the M3 money supply Editor's Choice
Blog Business World Auction Sales: Business Equipment at Low Cost General Business Advice on how to use auction sales wisely in order to get bargains on business equipment
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Local Max Complacency General Business A personal example of moving beyond being good at what you do and finding what you're actually good at
Never Work Alone Brainstorming 101 General Business An exhaustive list of suggestions on how to conduct brainstorming sessions Editor's Choice
Photon Courier Hunting the Five-Pound Butterfly General Business How the Internet and litigation have made the hiring process too checklist-centric
Riding Sun Japan Gets Pwn3d! General Business Japan, Inc.? Not anymore. More than 100 firms on the Tokyo Stock Exchange are at least 30% foreign-owned Editor's Choice
Slow Leadership Are You A Workaholic? General Business Twelve signs of workaholism
The Coyote Within The Natural Currents of Information General Business How information flows upwards, downwards, and sideways in an organization
The Entrepreneurial Mind Here Comes the Entrepreneurial Generation! General Business Americans born in the last quarter-century will save the economy through entrepreneurialism Editor's Choice
The Other Bloke's Blog Go On. Be A Tiger...Or Should You Just Stop Being Sick? General Business Accenture's "Be a Tiger" marketing campaign may miss the point when so many firms are fundamentally flawed
Goobage OPM Capitalism Health Care and Social Services How Tennessee's Medicaid program became the state's biggest source of black-market prescription drugs Editor's Choice
InsureBlog Transparency Revealed Health Care and Social Services An interview with an Aetna executive about their new policy of pricing transparency for medical care
Et Tu Bloge Government Could Make A Whorehouse Boring Law and Regulation Canada's government-run casinos aren't even fun to visit, and a lack of profit motive is to blame
Big Picture, Small Office Knock, Knock, Who's There? Marketing and Sales A personal vignette about saying "Yes" to an opportunity before all of the facts are in
Harshly Mellow Naming Pitfalls Marketing and Sales Names matter, and the Internet enforces the need for originality
Interested-Participant McDonald's in Russia Marketing and Sales 15 years after McDonald's invaded Moscow, the Golden Arches still rule fast food in Russia
Jack Yoest The First Lesson in How to Look Like a Leader Marketing and Sales Projecting an image of leadership requires moving as little as possible
JSLogan Testimonials - A Marketing And Sales Tool Available To Every Business Marketing and Sales Testimonials are outstanding tools that are too often overlooked
Lip-Sticking Jane Gets Educated Marketing and Sales How to get on board the word-of-mouth trend and employ women to lead the way
Multiple Mentality TV a la Carte Marketing and Sales What would happen in a world where viewers could pick their cable TV channels
ProHipHop Elliott Wilson on Bloggers, XXL Raps, Elliott Wilson and XXL Marketing and Sales An interview with the editor of XXL Magazine
Random Thoughts from a CTO Delivering on Your Promises Marketing and Sales A strategy for avoiding the perils of over-promising and under-delivering
Triple Pundit Could U2 Leader Bono Brand the USA? Marketing and Sales How U2's lead singer is a master of social marketing
Abnormal Returns Death of Seasonality? Personal Finance A new set of stock indices and related instruments seeks to take advantage of seasonal market-timing
Boston Gal's Open Wallet How to Save When Doing Your Holiday Shopping Online Personal Finance Links to two sites offering coupons and discount deals to encourage online shopping
Pacesetter Mortgage Blog The Truth about Online Mortgage Rates Personal Finance Most mortgages come from the same pot of funds; the difference in rates is due to the customer Editor's Choice
Roth and Company Tax Updates Feds Sue "Down Payment Assistance" Outfit Personal Finance Don't let the IRS catch you taking deductions on "down-payment charities" when selling a home
Searchlight Crusade Why You Should Ignore APR Personal Finance Why the APR quoted on most mortgage loans misleads the borrower
Christian Sarkar Peter Drucker Waits in Line Peter Drucker Does St. Peter read "Managing for Results", or does he just pay Drucker lip service?
Gautam Ghosh on Management The Passing of an Era Peter Drucker Summarizes another writer's ode to Drucker
Jack Yoest Why Did Peter Drucker Teach Management? Peter Drucker Drucker drew spiritual fulfillment from the teaching of management
Small Business Information Business Visionary Peter Drucker Dies at 95 Peter Drucker Three favorite Drucker quotes on entrepreneurship
Business and Technology Reinvention Microsoft Innovation Technology Why Microsoft isn't a "me-too" organization
Ego Online Advertising Technology The time is right for online advertising (NOTE: Some advertising on Ego may be Not Safe For Work)
Gill Blog Academia Provides Template for Telework and BCP Technology Conventional office work is too much like study hall. Apply the lessons of homework to working from home. Editor's Choice
HanWorks Research VS Express Editions 2005 Technology How Microsoft builds incentives into its software-registration process
Kicking Over My Traces MD5 Collision Source Code Released Technology A widely-used encryption method is now obsolete, putting some online business at risk
Mover Mike What is Zero Point Energy? Technology A company claims it can extract cheap, zero-pollution fuel from superconducting polymers
Professor Bainbridge Pajamas Media: The Law and Economics Quiz Technology What's the best way to manage weblog advertising?
The Business of America Is Business BlogAds Analysis - Executive Summary Technology 80% of weblog ad revenue is determined by three factors: page views, the number of ads, and political orientation Editor's Choice
The Internet Stock Blog Audible's AudibleWordcast: An Advance for Monetized Podcasts? Technology Did podcasting take the poison pill when it started in a non-auditable format?
The Japan Stock Blog Advantage Apple: iPod Now Controls 60% of Market in Japan Technology How Apple is driving well ahead of Sony in Japan's portable-music market
Wordlab Open Sores Technology A company calls itself "Open Source Media" but has no intention of being open-source
Worker Bees Blog News from My Old Life: Cisco Buys SA Technology Cisco's buyout of a competitor leaves just two full-portfolio vendors of cable-data products in the market

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