How to Get Listed, or
Why Isn't My Site Listed?

Brian Gongol

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If your favorite site isn't listed, here's why.

If there's one question that gets asked more than any other, it's "Why isn't my site (or my favorite site) listed?" There are a couple of possibilities:
  1. It might not have ever been submitted for consideration before. That's easy to fix. First, please double-check the full list and make absolutely sure your site isn't listed already (at least 50% of the time, your site is listed and you simply overlooked it). Assuming your site meets the criteria for inclusion in the EconDirectory, it's pretty simple to get listed: Send the details and it should be added within an update cycle or two. Don't ask to be added to a list that's already been published; in the interest of data integrity, once the list has been published, it's not going to be revised (unless a specific error is pointed out).

  2. It might not meet the criteria for inclusion. The criteria for inclusion in the EconDirectory are not particularly strict, but there have to be some standards. Most of the rejected sites are equity-trader sites. This list isn't for pump-and-dump stock hype; it's meant to list those writers who have something original to say that is of interest to an audience beyond a handful of day traders. Note, too, that sites consisting mostly of repackaged material from others will be rejected, too. The content has to be predominantly original.

  3. It might be on the list, but in the "unranked" section. Some very prominent sites are in the unranked section because they choose not to make their traffic logs available to the public. That's a perfectly respectable choice to make (just like it's perfectly fine to choose to be a privately-held company instead of a publicly-traded firm), but if the data isn't available, the site isn't going to be ranked. The easiest way to get traffic data for a site is to sign up for a service like Sitemeter or Statcounter, and post a link to the statistics on the site. Sites that add those traffic tools (or those that change their reports from "private" to "public") can update their details anytime. In the interest of transparency, the statistics should be available to the public, not just to the author(s) of this list.
If you've thoroughly read and understood the above and still have a question, ask away.